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I'm Olga Chnara
an Art Lover

abstract painter

All my paintings are full of emotions

I pour my feelings into the paintings, holding nothing back, in order to create an intimate connection.

I want you to love your space

I’m passionate about beauty…

Olga Chnara

Turn Straight edition: My Last Collection

The inspiration for my new collection emerged out of my personal exploration and study of the many ways in which I can express myself through art. Of late, I’ve been concerned by the fact that so many people seem to struggle to attain happiness. Read more

Let me create something beautiful for you

If you are interested in commissioning an abstract painting you’ve come to the right place.

If you see a painting on my site and it is already sold, or you would like a different size, I can create something just for you.  It will be similar, but not an exact copy; it will be an original guided by input from you from progress shots, because it is a collaborative process.

First, we will sit down together and discuss what your needs are.  I can even come to your place if you are worried about what might be the right size and/or work with your Interior designer to create a beautiful abstract art painting that will compliment your interior space and design. 

When we agree on size, design, colour and price, you’ll put down a 50% deposit and I’ll begin your original painting. 

When the your original painting is completed, I’ll send a few photo for your approval and I’m 100% OK with making changes if you feel it’s not exactly what you envisioned.

Finally, when you are perfectly satisfied, you complete the payment and your art is shipped to you!

My Art Gallery

Visit my studio as well as my gallery! I’ m offering a glass of wine and a tour in my space to see some of your favorite art pieces up close an personal

Reviews & Testimonials

I purchased an Olga’s art painting for my wife as an Xmas present. Olga as a pleasure to deal with and despatched the artwork promptly and with great care. The picture hangs in our bedromm and perfectly blends with the colour scheme which is always a risk when  distance buying. Would highly recommend Olga’s works


Sam K.

I am so happy with the painting I bought. It looks perfect in the position it was bought to go. Thanks so much to Olga. for creating this and for her personal involvement after my purchase. It really Olga does make the difference


Helen A.


Olga Chnara has received excellent reviews from art historians and art critics -Leontios Petmezas, Nikolena Kalaitzaki, Santi Nikolarea-

Olga Chnara Original Paintings


Choosing an original art piece for your home or office brings a unique feel & authentic quality to your space which you will enjoy for many years to come. 



Payment plans available.

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