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Silence Returned-Original Paintings

When the SILENCE RETURNED, I am surrounded by a gentle and knowing energy, reminding me that all is right with the world.

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All these high-quality art are completely HANDMADE, with ORIGINAL composition bringing out vivid colors, giving you more realistic reproduction. The textures and colors of this modern artwork are manipulated using different finger techniques. Various Flicks and Splatter give an extra dimension to this artwork. The painting looks beautiful either way horizontal or vertical.

  • 100% Original Handmade Abstract Painting Made with acrylic or oil colors Painted on Canvas by Olga Chnara.
  • The Beautiful Colors and shades will add shine to your home.
  • Finished with a glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage.
  • Painting is extended to the sides Signed, dated on the front and back

Payment plans available.


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