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Welcome my Art Friend!

I'm Olga, and I'm so glad you're here. Come spend some time with me in my fields -aesthetics, colors, shapes, fantasy-in my abstract world.


Personal Information

 I was born in Crete in 1979. My beautiful homeland with its rich tradition and culture, inspired me to start painting.  I have been living and working in Vancouver since 2013 and I continue to be inspired by the wonderful nature and beauty of my new home.


For as long as I can remember I have been painting and painting with great success.  In 1997 I entered the Art School in Chania, Greece for two years.  In 2011 I studied at the School of Fine Arts of the Technical University of Crete, as an external listener, by professors Dimitris Andreadakis and Stelios Petroulakis.  For three consecutive years I attended drawing lessons with pencil and charcoal, color and art history.  I have attended many seminars, lectures and workshops in Greece and abroad

Artistic Style:

 I also use oils and mixed acrylic paint.  My dreamy and imaginative themes determine the direction of Abstract painting.  In the direction of Abstract Art, my painting is distinguished for the shaping of the forms and the accentuated deformities, the dreamy atmosphere, the problematic area, the interior of the color and the completeness of the line.  Despite my contacts with the achievements of several authors of Abstract Art, I manage to acquire a more personal expressive language.

Individual and group exhibitions: I have been exhibiting my work since 2010 and I have participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Six solo exhibitions. Greece at the gallery Championara, Glossitses .  Canada Le Hang art Vancouver, Le Hang art Toronto, Le hang art Montreal, Olga’s ArtGallery.  Many of my paintings are in private collections in Greece and abroad.


My awards:

I have obtained significant awards and accolades from various galleries, outstanding art professors and internet competitions (social media etc). I have received excellent reviews from art historians and art critics (Leontios Petmezas, Annita Patsouraki,  Nikolena Kalaitzaki, Sandi Nikolareas). I have given interviews to the media, television, newspaper and art magazines 


“I create art when I feel it. And everything I do, everything that I create is for a reason.

I observe things. I am curious. I want to find answers. I am not frightened by the unfamiliar. Quite the opposite. I try to
understand. I try to find a way to make the unfamiliar familiar.

I look for deeper meanings.

I am a learner and not afraid to ask questions. I have many things to say. I am a researcher. I learn.

I am intense. If I want to know something, I want to know.

Nothing stops me.

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